LED Sorcerer Hat

Illuminated sorcerer hat in a dark room

The basic LEDs that come in the Mickey sorcerer hat that Disney sells are rather pathetic. We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

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San Diego Zoo Animation 2023

Completed parade float ready to go down the route

In late 2022, I was contracted by Artistic Entertainment Services (AES) to design and program an animatronic control system for the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park’s 2023 Tournament of Roses entry. This rapid turnaround project leveraged compact electrical and hydraulic driven mechanisms to animate a pair of giraffes which park guests are interacting with from the back of a safari truck.

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Rear view of motorcycle with brake lights illuminated

This summer I started riding a motorcycle, and while stuck at home, I designed and built an auxiliary LED indicator system for added visibility. The system uses addressable LEDs, allowing the compact controller with an integrated power supply to manage potentially hundreds of LEDs.

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Embedded Lighting Controller Summary

A rendering with multiple printed circuit boards inside a plastic enclosure

For my senior project, I’m working on an embeddable lighting controller, with the creative working title of Embedded Lighting Controller, which is being designed to provide flexible lighting control/drive in an extremely compact package.

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DMX Development Board

The DMX development board - a printed circuit board assembly

For a number of projects I’d like to work on in the future, I needed a development board of sorts for testing both hardware and software.

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RGBW Strobe Tester

Closeup of TwinkleWorks logo on PCBA

For TwinkleWorks’s new line of RGBW LED strobes, we needed a new testing assembly. This unit automatically tests each of the LEDs’ colors as well as the strobe fixture’s temperature sensing circuitry.

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Integrated Accessory Controller

Completed PCB Assembly

Following my previous project involving accessing my car’s CAN bus, I wanted to take CAN control further by making a custom controller that can interface with a vehicle to control various accessories.

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Volvo/Whelen CANtrol

Looking down into my footwell with equipment uncomfortably close to my leg

Have you ever had a piece of equipment that really REALLY doesn’t belong in your car, but you want to install it somehow? Well, I had this problem with my Whelen… electric airhorn….

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