RGBW Strobe Tester

Closeup of TwinkleWorks logo on PCBA

For TwinkleWorks’s new line of RGBW LED strobes, we needed a new testing assembly. This unit automatically tests each of the LEDs’ colors as well as the strobe fixture’s temperature sensing circuitry.

Tester PCBA

The unit is based off of several Meanwell LED drivers, a variety of analog sensing circuitry, a light sensor, and an Arduino Pro Mini.

Completed test jig

The pogo sticks stick out of a 3D printed assembly for lining up the strobe PCBAs, which also protects the user from 1000s of lumens of light output.

Completed test jig with some strobe PCBAs

The fixture can test PCBs in a matter of seconds. Terminal blocks (which will be connected to test clips) will also allow for completed strobes to be connected to the tester and tested once assembled.

A work in progress datasheet for the RGBW strobe can be found here, for reference only.

Note: I am no longer involved with TwinkleWorks/AES, and this information is only meant to provide context for my work. Please contact Artistic Entertainment Services regarding TwinkleWorks inquiries.

Written on September 23, 2018